Retirement & New Owners


We are very excited and happy to announce that Johnnie’s children (Scott’s nieces & nephews) have decided to continue in their footsteps and keep the legacy Johnnie & Scott started going.

Effective April 1, 2018, Johnnie’s children (Anna, Johnie, Eric & Laura) purchased Scott’s half of the companies from him and joined their Mom (Julia) and Dad (Johnnie) in the ownership of the companies.

Johnnie is handing over the day to day management of his half of the companies to his children to run so that he can semi-retire.  He is excited to have more time to spend with his grandkids & cows.  Johnnie will still be helping the kids with the company as needed.   Scott has fully retired.

Thank you so much for your business through the years and we look forward to growing with you through the years to come.


Photo (left to right): Anna, Jerry, Jacob, Johnnie D., Johnie (back), Sasha (front), Julia, Eric, Megan (back), Grey (front), Laura